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The 10 most important things in the world right now

Hello! Here's everything you need to know on Friday. 1. Secretary of Defense James Mattis resigned. In a letter to President Donald Trump, Mattis suggested that their views are not "aligned." 2. Trump...

Driverless vehicle trial to focus on a pesky problem: Kangaroos

Kangaroos being hit by cars is one big, very Australian problem. With autonomous vehicles set to operate in Australia in the next few years, a trial in the state of New South Wales aims to figure out...

16 Makeup Looks That Take All The Fuss Out Of Planning New Year's Eve

When the earliest-known New Year's Eve celebrations went down in 2000 B.C.E., the Mesopotamians probably weren't spending the days leading up to the party worried about the falsies that could last thr...

The UK's second busiest airport remains shut down after drones flew over the runway and now passengers are being told not to come to the airport

London Gatwick Airport remains closed on Thursday more than 24 hours after being shut down due to the presence of drones over its runway. The airport has advised passengers to check with the airlines...

The 'Spider-Man' suit fans have been clamoring for is finally coming to the huge PlayStation 4 game

The smash-hit "Spider-Man" game for the PlayStation 4 offers a ton of different suits for Spider-Man to wear while beating up bad guys and swinging through Manhattan. Despite this, fans have been clam...

Les Sources de Caudalie Spa Escape Offers Sweet Serenity of Grapes, Especially At New Year's

In France, near Bordeaux, you'll find the world-class Les Sources de Caudalie hotel and spa, that's sure to fulfill your grape expectations.

Florida man’s 18-foot, 150-pound python breaks record in state

A Florida man now holds the record for capturing the largest Burmese python in the state after he ensnared a massive 18-footer over the weekend.

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